To reinvent the tradecraft of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering by redefining its nature, we devised Project O Five, an Ottawa, Ontario-based independent and non-profit initiative. This initiative is focused on addressing a wide variety of subjects, including those pertaining to global security, international relations, counter-radicalization, and counter-terrorism research. This focus drives informed strategic and tactical intelligence analysis, threat briefs, and public awareness.

Our Mission

At Project O Five, we strive to bring about international peace by helping to create and maintain a “State of Global Terrorist Deterrence.”

Our Vision

Project O Five envisions a borderless world where global citizens are fully engaged, empowered, and recognized as a united force for the betterment of all.

Our History

Founded in Ottawa, Ontario, as an independent non-profit organization in September 2015, Project O Five raises citizen awareness about global security, international relations, counter-radicalization, and counter-terrorism by directing, collecting, processing, and disseminating OSINT. By utilizing open sources, we extract enormous amounts of strategic intelligence. In its essence, strategic intelligence captivates a bird’s-eye view of bigger picture issues. This information is essential to formulate policy and defines the hierarchical order of planning and strategizing vis-à-vis political and military objectives, often dealing with national, regional, and global security.