To facilitate greater PVE & CVE (preventing and countering violent extremism) works, we devised Project O Five; an Ottawa, Ontario based independent and non-profit initiative. This initiative is focused on addressing a wide variety of subjects including those pertaining to international relations, counter-radicalization, and counter-terrorism research. This focus drives informed strategic and tactical intelligence analysis, threat briefs, and public awareness.

Our Mission

At Project O Five, we strive to bring about international peace by helping to create and maintain a “State of Global Terrorist Deterrence”.

Our Vision

The Project O Five envisions a borderless world where citizens are fully engaged, empowered and recognized as a united force for the betterment of all.

Our History

Founded in Ottawa, Ontario, as an independent non-profit organization in September 2015, Project O Five raises awareness of counter-radicalization and counter-terrorism using “soft power.” Although counter-terrorism operations most often involve “hard power” — intelligence, law, policing, and military might — counter-radicalization methods also require “soft power” tools, such as social and cultural involvement, broader policy initiatives on the environment, development, critical infrastructure, migration, humanitarian intervention, and the widespread participation of civil society. Hard power — represented by military strength — is indeed essential to our security; still, modeling such values as good governance, public diplomacy, broadcasting, exchange programs, development assistance, disaster relief, educational and employment opportunities — all soft power measures — are equally important in the long run.